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Desert Hollow


Debut EP “THIRSTY” available everywhere

“A refreshing blend of old-timey country folk, blood harmonies, knee-slapping hoedowns, this album will definitely leave listeners “Thirsty” for more.” -- Pop Matters

"I love it when new music drops into my inbox. I love it even more when it is as wonderful as this EP Thirsty from Desert Hollow. Music that is refreshing, melodic, full of hooks and marvelous harmonies. I’ll review it in full nearer to the release on 21 May 2021, but, oh my it’s very good…"-- Hobo On The Tracks

"Modern indie folkies blaze a nu trail without ignoring what's come before. Working right out of the box with a simple banjo riff and an innocent, plaintiff vocal, these young ‘un have the feel and the knack for hitting it out of the park in the first trip to the plate. Solid stuff that grabs on and doesn't let go." -- Midwest Record

"A promising duo capable of expressing a leading role in the independent roots scene" --Planet Country Radio Show

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